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Immersed in a peaceful space along with the journey of “Opening the senses”, future owners of Angsana Residences Ho Tram project experienced full emotional sublimation moments.

As a person with a focus on mental health and an interest in projects operated by the world’s leading corporations, Ms. Mai Thuong (43 years old, HCMC) always wants to invest in resort villa to both be in harmony with nature and experience the opportunity to show a high-class lifestyle.

Unlike other types of real estate, Angsana Residences Ho Tram (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) – a project developed by Madison Land and managed and operated by Banyan Tree – is a coastal resort villa product with limited quantity linked with increased investment value over time. Experiencing a recent “opening the scenes” event, Ms. Thuong is not only impressed by the unique location “Pearl in Melaleuca” of the project but also completely convinced by the enthusiasm integrated by investor Madison Land during this journey.

5 emotional touch points

Inspired by the opening the senses, Madison Land succeeded in bringing special guests through the journey to find primordial values at Angsana Residences Ho Tram.

The party designed exclusively for VVIP guests was placed along Serenity Stream-walk – one of the most unique features of the project. The stream meanders along the villas, creating a unique nature feature at Angsana Residences Ho Tram project. Following the stream straight to a large white sand beach, the guests obtained moments of immersing themselves in poetic natural scene. All brought a high-class and sophisticated visual experience to the guests.

If Mai Thuong felt extremely impressed with the space of harmony between the sky and the sea, Mr. Hong Quang (48 years old) felt mind relaxed with outdoor cocktail party. Here, he could enjoy cocktails stimulating the taste and smell, provided by experienced bartenders, from tropical ingredients mixed with the taste of the sea.

“Opening the senses” offered elite owners with a musical party full of emotions, with sweet, deep love songs performed by singer. Duong Hoang Yen. Each melody of the song was inspired by a unique place of return in the middle of nature called Angsana Residences Ho Tram. Futhermore, the menu focused on a theme of “Opening the senses” with each dish carefully prepared in a luxe canapé style.

“The event took me from one surprise to another. The unique feature did not come from the attention to detail, but also from linking all activities to the spirit of the project. ‘Opening the senses’ showed the Investor’s thoughtfulness and sophistication helping the guests to slow down to feel. These seemingly small things motivated me to put my faith in the project.” Mr. Hong Quang said.

Highlights of Angsana Residences Ho Tram

With a beginning location on the coastal road, adjacent to and only about 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh City, Angsana Residences Ho Tram is considered as a “precious jewel” with exquisite beauty hidden in the rich nature, unexploited in the land of Ho Tram.

Particularly, Serenity Stream – a focus of the event “Opening the senses” is also a spiritual therapy method for those who desire to release negative energy. Here, the future owners may reconnect with themselves in a conversation with nature, relax with massage pebbles, listen to water murmur all day discharging to the sea or relax reading books, enjoying tea on a bed near the stream.

52 limited villas are inspired by Melaleuca trees with the highlight by carved motifs representing gentle but delicate stem – leaves – flowers. The contemporary design words are mixed between neutral basic colors and vibrant oranges contributing to a timeless beauty but no dull and boring for the entire project. This is also a special interference mixing Eastern cultural colors and contemporary Western ones.

Ms. Lam Ngoc Dan Thi, Deputy General Director of Madison Land said “Today, the precious jewel of Melaleuca forest and the ocean is present in front of you after many months of dedication. Each villa with unique facilities at Angsana Residences Ho Tram embodied sustainable and long-term values, a lifestyle in harmony with nature is ready to welcome future new owners.

“With offering the special experiences from event “Opening the senses”, we hope that guests may feel the Investor’s development philosophy and fell proud of their decision to own their own unique place of return” added by Ms. Dan Thi.

“Angsana Residences Ho Tram is the embodiment of sustainable, long-term values, a lifestyle in harmony with nature and considers the sustainable development as a guide”.

Ms. Lam Ngoc Dan Thi – Deputy General Director of Madison Land

More specifically, the owners of Angsana Residences Ho Tram also enjoy the full privileges of membership in The Sanctuary Club – Banyan Tree Group’s exclusive program: Free vacation exchange up to 45 nights (including 30 nights at Angsana Residences Ho Tram and 15 nights at Banyan Tree Group’s high-class hotels and resorts all the world); year-round discount up to 30% on booking, spa, golf course, shopping at the showrooms, food services, airport shuttle, early check-in and late check-out services… etc. provided by all Banyan Tree Group’s hotels and resorts.

Participating in the “Opening the senses” journey as an operation partner, Mr. Glen Cook, Regional Director of Banyan Tree Vietnam also expressed his eagerness and willingness to take over Angsana Residences Ho Tram expected in September. This is the 3rd project in Vietnam and the 63rd project are operated by this Group worldwide.

After nearly 2 hours of experiencing all emotions at such event, Ms. Mai Thuong said “Angsana Residences Ho Tram opens up a high-class and modern living space with diverse natural elements such as Tropical trees, beach and stream…etc. But most of all, today’s experiences gave me a strong impression making me decide to soon own a unique place to return here.”


Angsana Residences Ho Tram is one of few projects in Ho Tram that completes the structure work of the whole project and the mockup is ready to welcome visitors. It is expected that the project may be handed over to the owner in the 3rd quarter. Strategic distribution partners include CBRE Vietnam, DKRA Libra, IQI Vietnam, RealPlus, Rever, Savills Vietnam, SmartRealtors and Thu Thiem Real.

Readers can find information and see the whole project withVR technology:

Address to visit the mockup: Phuoc Thuan Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province.


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