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About Us

Madison Land Limited

Madison Land is the investment group with a diversified investment portfolio. With a deep root in real estate and infrastructure development, These foundations have allowed the company to bring sustainable values to customers and partners as well as Madison Land is constantly growing into a prestigious real estate company in the market.


Banyan Tree Holdings Limited

Banyan Tree, established in Singapore in 1994, is an international hotel manager and developer of resorts, hotels, and spas across Asia, America, and the Middle East – owning and managing 49 hotels and resorts around the world. Each resort has 50 to 500 rooms, with the highest renting price for any room.

With two award-winning brands, Banyan Tree and Angsana, the group’s principal activities are to own, develop, and manage premier resorts and hotels.

Operation by Banyan Tree

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The Banyan Tree Group has grown into one of the world's leading international operators in the hospitality and spa industry. Banyan Tree manages resorts, hotels, houses, spa retail galleries, and three championship golf courses across 28 countries. Founded on the core principle of combining the sophistication of the Eastern identity with modern international standards, Banyan Tree brings new value to visitors around the world and significant investment returns.   

Banyan Tree is also a socially responsible brand with the promotion of sustainable development at its core. Banyan Tree seeks to heighten local value, and manage environmentally-friendly properties that bring unique and refreshing experiences to visitors.

Portfolio Management Service

The portfolio managers at Banyan Tree have over 40 years of investment experience and were previously responsible for the discretionary management of over $3 Billion in fixed-income assets.

Professional Management Team

The Group's business model integrates many hotel management, project management and internal design departments, as well as global marketing teams.

Revenue Management

Proactively providing strategies and managing fixed income to maximize income while minimizing risks to customers is our central goal.

For The Needs of Travellers

The Banyan Tree management team is all about providing naturally luxurious, ecological and culturally-sensitive experiences to even the most discerning of travelers and guests.

Professional Consultants

Investor Representative


Synergy Corporation is established with a mission to support local and global businesses. The company is committed to excellence in providing full-package business solutions, from raw ideas to execution and monitoring, and from general investment to technical issues, such as master planning. With the role as the investor representative, Synergy Corporation remains adaptable to the ever-changing business environment.

Architecture Designer


A highly reputable brand from Singapore, Forum Architects offer full professional and international award-winning services, that include architectural, master planning, and interior design.

Landscape Designer


COEN is a professional landscape consulting firm based in Singapore that has received noteworthy local and international awards, including for the landscape design of the Angsana & Dhawa Hồ Tràm.

Interior Designer


Design Lab is an interior design firm located in Spain, with a strong design background and vast experience working on hotel and resort projects throughout Europe, the Middle East, Central America, China, India, Asia and the Pacific.

Lighting Designer


Contrast Ratio is a group of experienced lighting designers that have developed their lighting experience in multi-award-winning design practices and holds related qualifications in illumination engineering, electrical, interior, and environmental design.

Green Building Certified By


EarthCheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. EarthCheck has worked with more than 70 governments and scientists worldwide to test, train, research and certify projects that qualified in energy savings, environmentally safe, and green building through the application of advanced technologies.

Local Consultant


ICIC provides vital information and essential services to Vietnamese investors and enterprises in the real estate industry. ICIC services are convenient and flexible for each type of project, even if the project status is ongoing or has not yet started. ICIC ensures that the project will benefit the local community, present beautiful scenery, and reduce investment costs.

Green Building Consultant


GREENVIET is one of the first consulting groups in Vietnam to focus on sustainable construction and green building. GREENVIET has, since its foundation, been driven by a clear vision to contribute to a greener Vietnam.

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