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Immersed in the peaceful space at Angsana Residences Ho Tram in the journey “Sensory opening”, customers have been experienced moments of emotional sublimation together. The wonderful beachside art and taste party ended but the unforgettable emotional touch points from the event made the future owners of Angsana Residences Ho Tram become even more proud to own unique place to return with quintessential and VVIP worthy experiences.

Looking back at 5 emotional touch points in the journey of quintessential experience

Successfully leading the emotion of special guests in the journey to find the original values ​​at Angsana Residences Ho Tram, “Sensory opening” with 5 carefully and elaborately invested emotional touch points really left very unique impressions during nearly 2 hours of the event.

The Serenity Stream Walk became the focal point of the party night, providing impressive visual experiences with lights, music, dance and lush greenery. As one of the most unique highlights of the completed project, the Serenity Stream Walk nestles wavily along the villas, creating unique natural sketchy line in the masterpiece Angsana Residences Ho Tram. Following the stream straight to the large white sand beach, the guests had moments of immersing themselves in the poetic natural scenery in the sunset.

Along with the sound of streams and sea, “Sensory opening” also treated the elite owners to an emotional music party with sweet and deep love songs from the strong voice Duong Hoang Yen, whose every melody was inspired by unique place to return amidst the nature called Angsana Residences Ho Tram. If art is the spiritual food to start the journey of opening a masterpiece, the cuisine with a breakout of flavors brought the guests emotional sublimation with a super menu distilled from the most quintessential and most original things.

Angsana Residences Ho Tram is ready with warm welcomes

Speaking at the event, Ms. Lam Ngoc Dan Thi, Deputy General Director of Madison Land, the project employer proudly introduced Angsana Residences Ho Tram to future owners. “Today, the “precious jewel” of the melaleuca forest and the ocean is present in front of you after many months of dedication. Each villa with unique facilities at Angsana Residences Ho Tram embodies long-term sustainable values, a lifestyle in harmony with nature, taking local values ​​as a guideline built with many efforts by Madison Land. With the special experiences from “Sensory Opening“, we hope that you can feel the development philosophy of the Employer for the project, as well as be proud of the decision to own unique place to return for yourself at Angsana Residences Ho Tram”, Ms. Lam Ngoc Dan Thi shared.

Participating in the journey of “Sensory opening” as an operator, Mr. Glen Cook, Regional Director of Banyan Tree & Angsana Lang Co, said that this world-leading resort management and operation group was looking forward to receiving Angsana Residences Ho Tram, expected in late 2022. “Angsana Residences Ho Tram is our third project in Vietnam and our 63rd project worldwide. I am really impressed with the speed of completion and what Madison Land has accomplished in such a short period of time. Banyan Tree will officially receive the project management transfer from Madison Land at the end of this year and we hope to welcome you to the official opening ceremony of the project, expected before the Lunar New Year 2022″.

As a person who focuses on mental health and family cohesion, and also a regular customer of the Banyan Tree Hotel & Resort system in Vietnam and in the world, Ms. Xuan especially loves resorts that keep all natural beauty and indigenous culture such as Angsana Residences Ho Tram. “From a classy, ​​modern living space that converges with diverse natural elements such as tropical vegetation, beach, stream, etc., to harmonious architectural design and the philosophy of preserving sustainable living values of Madison Land, and above all, the sublime experiences in the “Sensory opening” event. All have made such a strong impression that I decided to soon own unique place to return at Angsana Residences Ho Tram”, Ms. Xuan said.

It is known that elite owners will enjoy attractive profit commitment programs, along with the development of the project. Accordingly, in the first 2 years of operation, Madison Land commits to a profit of 5% per year on the investment value for villa owners. In the following years, the revenue will be 40% of total villa rental revenue. In addition, owners of Angsana Residences Ho Tram also enjoy all membership privileges of The Sanctuary Club, Banyan Tree’s exclusive program such as: Free vacation exchange up to 45 nights (including 30 nights) at Angsana Residences Ho Tram and 15 nights at destinations under the Banyan Tree Group’s vacation exchange system), year-round discounts of up to 30% for booking, spa, golf course, shopping at galleries, food service, airport shuttle, early check-in and late check-out, … in the entire system of hotels and resorts of Banyan Tree Group.


Currently, Angsana Residences Ho Tram 5-star resort villa belonging to Angsana & Dhawa Ho Tram complex has been completing the interior of the entire Villa area, is planned to be handed over to the owner in the third quarter of 2022.

Strategic Project distribution partners: CBRE Vietnam, DKRA Libra, IQI Vietnam, Real Plus, Rever, Savills Vietnam, SmartRealtors, Thu Thiem Real.

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