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With luxury and high class, top resort and typical style of Ho Tram Sea area, Angsana Residences Ho Tram show villas have made many investors fall in love right from the first experience.

Last weekend, Mr. Nam (a real estate investor living in Thu Duc City, HCMC) and a group of friends personally visited and experienced the living space at Angsana Residences Ho Tram project. The reason he had to come door to door to experience because his friends had given him many compliments on this project, and of course they had also “spent money” on owning a product here.

After a 2-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City to Angsana Residences Ho Tram project, Mr. Nam and his friends were surprised at the wild beauty and fresh air of the beach here, in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.

After viewing around, they decided to experience a model house located in the project. As soon as stepping inside, the design style, layout … made Mr. Nam utter his admiration. In the living room, a deep color sofa with high-quality materials coming with many exquisite decorative stone and metal interior details, combined with natural paintings made the room become extremely luxurious, aristocratic and lively.

The main window area is a special attraction for him, all used glass materials and are designed with the maximum width in order to give the owner the feeling of experiencing a fantastic view. From here, the whole blue color of Ho Tram beach with a resort atmosphere is completely within sight.

The kitchen area is also designed in a open manner by the Employer, creating a very open and spacious space when connecting directly to the living room. The design language of this area is comparably luxurious with deep color tone, the combination of stone, wood and modern equipment imported from Europe enhances the beauty of the house.

In aesthetic terms, it is not difficult to realize that the villas have architectural and interior designs inspired by Oriental cultural motifs and colors, mixed with contemporary Western lines, using simple colors in which orange color are taken as a highlight, combined with the interior inspired by Melaleuca tree, one of the characteristics of Ho Tram Sea are. The outstanding features of Melaleuca tree trunks, leaves and flowers are integrated into every interior detail in a gentle, impressive way, exuding the spirit of a sophisticated and modern lifestyle.

Moreover, all villas at Angsana Residences Ho Tram are flexibly designed for lease, easily divided into 2-3 roomkeys. Each roomkey has a swimming pool or jacuzzi, a garden or a buffer lobby but still ensures a private and comfortable space for visitors.

According to Mr. Nam’s share, each villa here is designed with 3 bedrooms. The first bedroom is located on the ground floor, directly connected to the garden area and swimming pool outdoor, the other two bedrooms are located upstairs.

“As soon as entering the first bedroom on the ground floor, the space that impressed me most  was the bathroom area. Because at Angsana Residences Ho Tram, the bathroom area has a very large space, many trees are also planted around the bathtub, creating a feeling of being very close to nature. In addition, the Employer also highly appreciates the quality of the customer’s leisure, one thing that stands out is that all bathrooms have bathtubs,” Ms. Quynh who is Mr. Nam’s friend excitedly shared.

In fact, Angsana Residences Ho Tram is not only cared for the interior of each villa, but the project also features impressive internal facilities – greenized with layers of different trees, surrounded by gently Serenity Stream-walk with a length of 325m through 52 villas, main swimming pool for residents, a modern gym room, a natural spa and a seaview restaurant with 5-star standard service…

Bringing many breakthrough values, 5-star resort villas at Angsana Residences Ho Tram will surely become the investment focus of the most well-experienced investors. More specifically, the project is scheduled to be handed over to customers by the end of 2022 with adequate legality so that the project can be ready to come into operation.

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