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Being in favourable location and carefully invested by the investor owner, Ho Tram Angsana Residences resort complex is being targeted by many sharp investors.

The attraction comes from the investor owner’s reputation

In several past years, coastal resort real estate has become a sought-after product by investors. In particular, Ho Tram is a highly-appreciated name in with well-located position adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City.

However, the fact is that in Ho Tram today, the number of high-class hotels and resorts is still not much. Sometimes, although the accommodation facilities run at full capacity, but still not enough meet the needs of tourists coming for the resort.

Realizing the potentials and development opportunities in Ho Tram, Madison Land investor owner (belonging to Madison Group ecosystem) introduced a luxury resort real estate project to the market, called Ho Tram Angsana Residences, limited to 52 villas, and expected to officially hand over to customers in the first quarter of 2022.

By April 2021, Ho Tram Angsana Residences project has completed the rough construction of all 52 villas

In fact, Ho Tram Angsana Residences is not only a 5-star standard luxury resort, but also an investment property aiming at bringing long-term valuable benefits. Besides, by affirming his position as a prestigious and high-class investor owner, Madison Land Company always ensures the legal transparency of the project and ensures the safety for the owners’ rights.

Specifically, Ho Tram Angsana Residences has completed the rough construction, expected to be handed over to customers in the first quarter of 2022 and officially enter into operation from the second quarter of 2022.

To ensure the investors’ interests, the operator & investor commit to a profit of 5%/year for the first 2 years. From the 3rd year onwards, the owner will enjoy 40% of the revenue from the rental of his own villa. Owners of these villas are expected to be able to recover their invested capital in after 10 years of investment.

In particular, the project has model houses with complete interior furniture in the construction area. Customers and investors can absolutely visit and experience the model villas, construction progress and feel the actual resort space.

“Our goal is to bring long-term value to owners, help develop sustainable tourism, and boost the local economy, as well as bring a nature conservation and environmentally friendly experience to visitors,” said the representative of the investor owner.

Value-added potential

According to experts, not only the project technical and social infrastructure catches the buyers’ attention, real estate management and operation activities also greatly influence their decision to buy for living later. A well-managed, well-run project with continuous and rigorous activities not only maintains its original value, but also helps that value increase over time.

Model villa space at the Ho Tram project area

With the ambition to bring customers luxury investing products and high-class resort value, Madison Land has chosen Banyan Tree Group as the operator of Ho Tram Angsana Residences project. Banyan Tree Group is the world’s leading hotel and resort management and operation brand, present in 28 countries and receiving more than 2,649 prestigious awards.

In addition, Madison Land investor also chooses reputable advising partners in the market such as Synergy (Vietnam) – a project managing unit, Coen Design (Singapore) – landscape designer, DesignLab (Spain) – interior concept design, Contrast Ratio (Singapore) – lighting design, Earthcheck (Australia) – Green building certificate…

In May 2021, Madison Land investor owner is implementing a number of exclusive preferences for customers ordering villas. Customers can directly contact 6 real estate floors, that are the F1 official distribution representatives of the project, including: CBRE Vietnam, DKRA Luxury, IQI Vietnam, Rever, Savills Vietnam & Thu Thiem Real.

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