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Angsana Residences Ho Tram with 52 high-class, quiet resort villas located next to the beach with intact wild beauty. Unique and sophisticated, Angsana Residences Ho Tram is truly a place where you can come and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to nourish your positive  energy. 

Pearl in Melaleuca – Natural breath blows through every detail

Inspired by the vibrating peace generously awarded by nature to this world, Angsana Residences Ho Tram is like a luxurious dream amidst thousands of Melaleuca forest. The calculation and purposeful aesthetic thinking have created a very different unique highlight in a way that the deeper you go inside, the more you will admire. That is also the reason why Angsana Residences Ho Tram super-limited resort villa area is affectionately likened as ” Pearl in Melaleuca”: a hidden gem in the middle of Melaleuca forest.

Angsana Residences Ho Tram will be a unique place to return exclusively for those who love nature, plants, are passionate about the sound of waves or the smell of Melaleuca floating in the wind. With the architecture that makes the most of the green space, the construction density is less than 24%, 52 super-limited villas are placed in the continuation of the rich vegetation in Ho Tram. Stepping in from the outside, you will be immediately attracted by the Serenity Stream Walk flowing long, weaving through the villas, the place that helps visitors cool down and relieve from typical heat of the coastal area. It will also be the place that the elite owners of Angsana Residences Ho Tram take a rest, relax and reconnect with themselves in conversation with nature.

Another very poetic corner for romantic dates is the sea restaurant with 360 degree seaview circular architecture. Just enjoy dinner and experience Mediterranean cuisine served by 5-star chefs from Banyan Tree Group. This is sure to be a memorable experience for any diner.

The high-class Dhawa hotel, which is being rapidly completed, will form a complete Angsana & Dhawa Ho Tram luxury resort complex.

Unique Essence – Contemporary inspiration in the heart of pristine nature

Bringing sketchy line imbued with local identity into the design, Angsana Residences Ho Tram is adorned with delicate stylized motifs inspired by Melaleuca tree. In addition, the use of a warm color palette, with sketchy line that is vibrant orange tone creates a highlight, contributing to creating a pristine energy flow throughout the space inside the villa. Contemporary design language emerges impressively, both trendy and carrying timeless beauty.

Large glass windows are installed everywhere in the villa to make the most of natural light, ensuring a continuous connection between people and the beautiful sunlit garden surrounding the outside of the door. Thanks to that, the owner of the house can receive natural light, catch the wind, enjoy all specific characteristics of Ho Tram in even the most private area.

The living room and kitchen are designed in an open stype, creating a large, extremely comfortable living space for family members.

Wood grain texture inspired by Melaleuca leaves is used repeatedly in many different spaces, forming an emotional flow to connect the interior spaces of the villa.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the bathroom space is one of the areas that bring the most expensive luxury experience in the villa.

Immerse yourself in the Jacuzzi to find your balance, an instant luxurious relaxation experience right in the owner’s villa.

The buffer lobby with a relaxing sofa is carefully measured when incorporated into the design, located next to a large window to receive natural light, as a reminder of the quiet conversation of nature and human, creating a sense of ideal peace in body-mental-wisdom.

In particular, all villas are designed to be easily divided into 2-3 keys flexibly, creating a separate entrance respecting privacy, in order to thoroughly meet the diverse needs of tenants, help investors optimize rental investment profits.


Angsana Residences Ho Tram – a 5-star resort real estate project of Madison Land Group (a part of Madison Group ecosystem), under the operation and management of Banyan Tree Group, the world’s leading group in the field of development and management of luxury hotels, resorts and spas. This is a rare project in Ho Tram area that has completely built the civil work of the whole project, and the model house is ready to welcome visitors. It is expected that in the third quarter of 2022, the construction stage will be completed to be ready to be handed over to the owner on schedule.

Strategic project distribution partners: CBRE Vietnam, DKRA Libra, IQI Vietnam, Real Plus, Rever, Savills Vietnam, SmartRealtors, Thu Thiem Real.

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Address to visit the model house: Phuoc Thuan commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria Vung Tau

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