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Acceleration of domestic tourism combined with the opening of international flights is a condition for the high-end real estate market to develop, welcome the wave of resort tourism of international tourists.

With the Government’s easing of social distancing, many business activities are resumed. The tourism industry also shows a very positive picture when many domestic tourist attractions reopen, attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists.

Tourism revival

In the recent Lunar New Year, many luxury resorts in famous tourist destinations nationwide recorded the state of room scarcity. When the tourism industry flourishes again, the nees for energy refreshment, especially among the upper classes become booming. They look for a place of luxury, comfort and safety even during the extended social distancing period.

The domestic tourism industry revives after the pandemic period.

Data from the Tourism Information Technology Center (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism) showed that during 9 days of Tet holiday (January 29 to February 6), the tourism industry served about 6.1 million domestic visitors, of which 3.2 million visitors stayed. Total revenue during Tet holiday of the tourism industry was estimated at more than VND 25,000 billion.

For the target in 2022, the competent authorities will continue to introduce many policies to support the tourism industry in welcoming 65 million visitors, including 5 million international visitors. This can be seen as a push for the high-end real estate market to flourish, and at the same time attract many domestic and international investors interested in the resort tourism industry in Vietnam.

The trend of weekend resort near the major cities

As recorded, the needs for recreation and entertainment at weekends of people in the suburbs and the areas bordering major cities have been increasing. Therefore, many employers have created well-invested projects that fully meet the conditions and standards of the tourism and resort environment… to attract tourists.

The upper-class customer segment has one thing in common: they tend to choose beautiful seaside resorts with convenient connections and optimal privacy. By owning a beach resort villa, owners can enjoy true privacy. During the peak tourist season, elites do not have to rush to book rooms or pay extra costs, but can still enjoy a full vacation right at their home.

High-end resort real estate is interested by elite investors.

Located adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City and only taking about 2 hours to travel, Ho Tram (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) is one of the most attractive destinations because it meets the criterion of convenient transportation. In addition, the prominence of the southern beach resort “paradise” here is also a big plus for real estate in the area.

For example, Angsana Residences Ho Tram is a bright name when it owns a beautiful location, wait for the coastal road in front. This resort complex owns a long coastline, suitable for all onshore and underwater activities, sea sports. The position of a 5 stars resort “paradise” is further strengthened when the project is invested by Madison Land Co., Ltd (belonging to Madison Group ecosystem), and Banyan Tree Group is selected as the operating unit.

Angsana Residences Ho Tram impresses visitors with its beautiful location and luxurious and comfortable architecture.

During a field visit and experience in the model villa at the project, Ms. Huong – a real estate investor in Thu Duc City (HCMC) was impressed by the indigenous design story that honors Ho Tram beauty of the project. When arriving at Angsana Residences Ho Tram, visitors will be returned to the pure fountain head located in three layers of nature: the pristine beauty of the sea and the sky along with the primeval vegetation lying along the coast; the project area is covered with green along with a leisurely stream.

Lying amidst fresh green nature with luxurious design, Angsana Residences Ho Tram evokes image of luxurious and romantic real estate… The special feature of this resort villa also comes from its limited number, making this place expected to become an investment with dual benefits: Both a private leisure space and potential profitability.

To create a comprehensive “healthy living” style, from the time it was only a plan on paper, Angsana Residences Ho Tram was oriented to become a standardized pioneer project according to the green building certificate of Earthcheck (Australia) – The world’s leading prestigious certification organization for scientific assessment, certification and consulting on tourism development and sustainable tourism.

Angsana Residences Ho Tram attaches great importance to sustainable development in the “healthy living” direction.

Both a practical asset to enjoy relaxing vacations and a stable accumulation channel thanks to rental profits and increase in real estate value, the luxury resort project Angsana Residences Ho Tram is interested and researched by investors for recent times.

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